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Resting Grounds

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"Resting Grounds" Project provides ultra low cost death care. From natural burials to body donations with the intention of advancing science, forensics, medicine, safety testing, education and more.

"Resting Grounds" also provides researchers the opportunity to evolve and advance their fields of study to make the world a better place for the living.

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Woe Zen

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"Woe Zen" Buddhism is accepting all life  and understanding everything must die eventually. The afterlife is irrelevant to the living. Sins and karma inflict guilt and anxiety which contribute to death anxieties and fear which interferes with once practice and alters one's true way. Goals of inner liberation over death anxiety, humanistically embracing one's true individuality, acceptance and compassion of all sentient beings and earth.

Woe Zen's core ideology is to over come one's fear of death to release deep anxieties to continue life striving for one's infinite potential and strengthen abilities to transcend the human experience.

A commonly used term:

Memento Mori translates into "remember that you will die"

Carpe Diem translates into "seize the day"

Carpe Noctem translates into "seize the night"

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