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Catacomb Culture is an online art store, no physical store location yet but you will occasionally find my sculptures, paintings and photography in art galleries.
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The personification of death during the Middle Ages has inspired me to view her as a timeless performance artist. She is everywhere and nowhere, installing a permanent chaos, fear, and hysteria in the era’s cultures through famine, plague, and war. She reaps one’s life, leaving their body behind to rot away into nothing more than just bones. It is during the dismal times of mass deaths when individual burials are unachievable, mass graves and catacombs are the only option. I view the bones as an artistic opportunity for a medium. I am continuing the bone art movement in ways that defy the human form, and acknowledge that the dance of death needs no music. 

Catacomb Culture

Artist Statement




Catacomb Culture is an art series created by Jeremy inspired by the duality of life & death.

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